May 9 Board Meeting

   - Members Corey Braden,Tony Dinges and Jason MacDougall absent

   - Financial Report  As of 5/8/18, net assets total $471,959.96

   - We will be donating $500 to Sunshine Hores Retirement Fund and $1,000 to
     Afton County Fair

   - Qualifiers will be Friday am if we race Friday and Saturday am if no Friday
     racing. Unraced schoolers are Thursdays at 12:00

   - Guy Howard presented the check cashing policy for Grooms only. They will be
     cashed st the Mutuals Window in the Casino

   - Tim Lanpher discussed the Retirement Savings Program. Last seasons statements
     should be available soon. Tim mentioned we had $51,000 in forfeitures which
     will be redistributed as par of the 2017 season disbursement

   - Board approved a $1.00 per hour raise for the Equisizer attendant

   - Since the completion of 2017 season we lost a number of Tioga horsemen. A
     memorial race is being planned

   - Effective immediately, Maintenance will no longer be mowing or weed-eating by
     the barns. Occupants of the barn area will be responsible for cutting and
    weed-eating around their barn. The association approved the purchase of
    equipment for use. John Hallett will be in charge of signing out the equipment
    and assuring it is returned

   - Changes have been made to the Stabling Incentive Bonus Program. These will
     be discussed at the Horsemens Welcome Back Meeting


  - Acknowledge the Security Guards when entering or leaving the Stable Area

  - DOG Policy - Dogs must be on a leas
  - Laundry _ We have machines for personal use and machines for horse laundry
    No horse laundry in personal machines

  - The buffet in the grandstand acknowledges a Horsemen rate($7.99) as does the      hotel($89.99) Get hotel room requests to the Race Office early

  - We have weed-eaters(2) and roundup. See John Hallett. Keep your area around
    your barn neat

  - For first-timers, we have a Retirement Savings Plan for Trainers,Drivers and
    Grooms. Conditions apply

  - We will be doing post race black box testing which will be 1 hour 15 mins after
    your race goes official

  - Health Insurance is offered. See Guy Howard. Conditions apply

  - Guy reviewed the Check cashing policy

  - STHHA offers coffee free in the shack by Barn J  Keep the area neat

  - Paul Long reviewed the changes to the Bonus Program. Questions or payment
    problems see Paul




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