Bonus Program

Stabling Incentive Bonus Program for 2020


The following conditions apply:

1) All trainers and owners must be current members of the S.T.H.H.A in good standing. Trainers are responsible for ensuring their owners are members. Any trainer or owner who has outstanding financial obligations from the 2019 racing season (or any previous racing season) to a Tioga vendor will NOT be allowed to participate in the Stabling Incentive Bonus Program, including Program qualifying starts, until satisfactory payment arrangements have been made with the vendor. The S.T.H.H.A. reserves the right to withhold bonus monies if a trainer or owner fails to meet financial responsibilities with a Tioga vendor. Withheld monies will be paid by the Horsemen's Bookkeeper to the vendor with the appropriate crediting.

2) Eligibility applies to all horses of trainers stabled at Tioga Downs for 2020 or stabled at S.T.H.H.A approved training facilities. 

3) To be eligible for the Program, horses are required to make 3 qualified starts in overnight events. Stake starts can not be used as Program qualifying starts. 

4) In the event that a Tioga-based horse is claimed, purchased or changes trainers during the meet, the new trainer and owner will be eligible provided the horse remains stabled at Tioga. Program qualifying starts do NOT have to be repeated. If a horse has started at Tioga by an outside trainer is claimed or purchased, the new Tioga based trainer MUST make 3 Program qualifying starts with the horse before being eligible for the bonus.

5) Trainers MUST obtain permission from Race Office prior to entering in an overnight elsewhere. Failure to obtain permission could result in the horse and/or trainer being terminated from the Program. If granted permission, the horse will remain eligible to the Bonus Program provided that horses NEXT overnight start is made at Tioga Downs.   A horse, regardless of circumstance, may exercise the Leave/Return with Bonus Program eligibility only ONCE during the 2020 meet. 

6) The Stabling Incentive Program will pay an 8 % bonus to the trainer and a 17 % bonus to the owner of each eligible horse. The bonus will be calculated based on the purse earnings of the horse in each overnight event contested at Tioga Downs. Bonuses will NOT apply to stakes events.

7) In the event that a trainer is asked or chooses to vacate his/her stalls, even on a temporary basis, the trainer is automatically terminated from the Program for the duration of the meet.

8) No horse will be allowed to make its first Program qualifying start after August 15. 

9) S.T.H.H.A reserves the right to modify or terminate this program for any reason, without notice.