STHHA Health Insurance Program


STHHA Eligibility Requirement For The MVP Health Insurance Program

ELIGIBILITY:  Any trainer, driver or groom, that is in good standing with the STHHA is eligible for the health insurance program.

MINIMUM STARTS RULE:  All trainers and driver in good standing with the STHHA, must make the required amount of starts per month to remain eligible for Health Insurance.
  • The per month starts required:  May, 3 starts, June, 4 starts, July, 4 starts, Aug., 4 starts, Sept., 3 starts, additionally, we require that all TRAINERS and DRIVERS make 60% of their starts during the Tioga Downs racing season,at Tioga Downs. Exceptions will be determined at the discretion of the S.T.H.H.A Board of Directors.

  • GROOM ELIGIBILITY:  All grooms in good standing with the STHHA and are employed by a trainer that makes the required amount of per month starts, as above, will be eligible for the Health Insurance program.

  • MONTHLY PREMIUMS:  Premiums are due in the STHHA office by the 1st day of each calendar month.  Premiums may be received in the STHHA office by hand delivery during the months that the track is in operation. (April - September)  During the dark months, can be mailed to the following address:

  •                    STHHA  P.O. Box 9  Nichols, N.Y. 13812

  •                    Please make checks payable to - STHHA

  •       Monthly Payments: Single-$280.00  Double-$560.00  Family-$828.72
  •                    Single Parent and children- $506.72 

  •           DISCLAIMER:  All final decisions for eligibility, will be at the
  •                               discretion of the STHHA Board of Directors.

                      Your contact for Health Insurance is Guy Howard
                                          (607)- 765-7168

                     STHHA RETIREMENT SAVINGS PLAN         


  •           Must be a member of the STHHA by June 30th, each year.
  •           Membership $20.00 yearly.

  •           Drivers must obtain at least 4 qualified starts per month, during 4 out
  •           of the 5 months of the racing season at Tioga Downs, per plan year.
  •           There is a total minimum of 30 qualified starts(QS). This minimum     
  •           qualifies the participant for a 1/4 point. A qualified start is a performed            race.
          Trainers must obtain at least 2 qualified starts per month during 4 out
          of the 5 months of the racing season at Tioga Downs. This is also in
          the plan year, with a total minimum of 15 qualified starts. This minimum
          qualifies the participant for a 1/4 point.

          Application for pension is for trainer OR driver.  They cannot be

          Earning points            Drivers               Trainers
                              1/4 point: 30-59 QS     1/4 point: 15-29 QS
                              1/2 point: 60-89 QS     1/2 point: 30-44 QS
                              3/4 point: 90-119 QS    3/4 point: 45-59 QS
                              1 point: 120 or more    1 point: 60 or more

          Vesting:  A participant shall acquire 100% vested interest upon
          five consecutive years participation.  (Exception to this rule is
          disability.)  Once the participant is 100% vested, breaks in participation
          is permitted. A participant, who is actively engaged as a driver or
          trainer at Tioga Downs, upon reaching the age of 65, will be
          immediately 100% vested.  Regardless of his/her years of vesting

          Forfeitures: A participant who does not satisify at least the
          minimum qualified start requirement in each plan year, with 0%
          vesting, will forfeit his/her balance in full. Forfeited balances
          will be reallocated to remaining Active participants.

             Your contact for the Retirement Savings Plan is Tim Lanpher

                             SULKY BENEFIT PROGRAM
  • ELIGIBILITY:  All member of the STHHA in good standing are eligible to be covered by the Sulky Benefit Program.
  • REQUIREMENTS:  Owner/Trainer/Driver all must be members of the STHHA and be in good standing for compensation request to be valid.
  • COVERAGE:  Sulkies will be covered when any mishap occurs in a Pari-mutual race, a qualifying race, or a gate-school at Tioga Downs. (Damage to wheels by themselves will not be covered.)
  • 0 - 30 days 90% of the new cost of the bike.
  • 31 -60 days 80%
  • 61- 90 days 70%
  • 91-120 days 60%
  • 120- ? days 50%
  • Request for compensation must be submitted within 30 days of date of the accident and must be signed by either the trainer, driver or owners to be valid.
  • Proof of age of bike is determined by the serial number on the damaged bike.
  • Proof of purchase, date and price must accompany any claim.
  • The STHHA Board of Directors has sole and exclusive final determination for any compensation awarded.
  • Compensation awarded to any member will be paid no more that 30 days after receipt of signed compensation request form.
  • PROOF:  Proof for these purposes will be defined as any of the following items:  Original receipt, canceled check or check carbon copy, manufacturers receipt of bill.
                     Your contact for Sulky Benefits is Guy Howard
                                    (607) 765-7168

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